Sunhoo Industrial Design Innovation Park is a burgeoning creative park professionalized in industrial design.It covers an area of 98 acre, with building area of 130,000 ŠO. It’s located in Fuyang, Hangzhou, 8.5km away from China Academy of Art, 25km away from Zhejiang University, 9km away from Xiao Heshan university campus zone. Many international-renowned designers and design companies have joined us, as well as some top industrials in different fields. We will provide you the latest industrial product exhibitions, and commodity experience area.

It will be “the communication portal for the designers”. It provides spaces for designer to work, live and communicate here.
“Praxis platform for the students”, which allows the young designers to realize they innovative ideas.
“Virtual workspace for Chinese and international designers who live in other countries”, which provide the client a business agent service
Conference center for new ideas, new products, which allows people to gather, discuss and demonstrate there ideas and products.
The new products will be shown here, and the marketing will be supported by the E-business.
The enterprise, artist, designer and craftmen is here the master.
The public industrial design service platform will provide services for either companies or individuals.
Will five point eight meter high architecturalspace be charming to you?
The light rail of the Design Park will be started to built in 2010, and finished in 2016

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