e- is not just a letter, it is our world. Technology is an essential power. Such to the extent that it changes the way we perceive things and in fact it determines how we get along with life. The digital transformation brings us excitements and inspirations, and in all a brand new human experience. Therefore e is the link, - it connects technology with people.

Co.is for cooperation and collaboration. It connects people, - people meet and do things together. While cooperation focuses more on the sense of harmony and a common goal, collaboration requires involving parties to fundamentally change their individual approaches and integrate different perspectives. To embrace what the e-world brings to us, we need not only share resources and responsibilities, but also unchain our minds.

eco. is a system. It provides goods and services that sustain every life-supporting function on the planet, including climate regulation, water filtration, soil formation, food, fibers, medicines, erosion control and many other natural features of historical, spiritual or scientific value. In another word, it connects people with nature. Wherever our future will go, it cannot go beyond this eco-system.

design means action! It humanizes innovative technologies. It pools a wide spectrum of expertise -reflected from entrepreneurs, artists, scientists and craftsmen - together, and therefore has an intrinsic collaborative nature. It acts as catalyst to nourish the relationship between people and nature. In all, this interlink with technology, people and nature is exactly the root of creativity for design, hence e-Co.design.

e-Co.design cordially invites you to Hangzhou, Zhejiang, a unique land in China where steady economic development is witnessed at the same time rich culture and traditions well reserved. The capital city, Hangzhou, or “Kinsay” as Marco Polo called, is described as the “finest and noblest city” in the world. The prosperity comes from the so-called “Zhejiang Spirit”, a combination of entrepreneurship, craftsmanship, and above all, creativity.

So let’s further drive this creativity. Let e-Co.design meet Zhejiang Spirit, and be an integral part of it.